International Women's Day – Breakfast Celebration with Sam Seaton

International Women's Day – Breakfast Celebration

Zurich Insurance Company and Embark Group held a seminar celebrating International Women's Day 2018, where our CEO Samantha Seaton gave an enigmatic presentation revolving around the idea of Press for Progress, alongside the wonderful Dame Helena Morrissey, Jim Bichard and Rose St. Louis.

Following the lines of the achievements of the BBC's 100 Women Challenge, Sam's presentation was split into four incredibly important parts that she felt needed to be addressed for women: #TeamLead – tackling the glass ceiling in business; #TeamRead – fighting female illiteracy across the globe; #TeamGo – confronting the problem of street harassment; #TeamPlay – Addressing sexism in sport

Dame Helena Morrissey gave top tips on how to achieve career success for women, including her empowering thought that all women in business should be a mentor or mentee, creating a support network to uplift one another so that everyone can be better together.

Download the PDF of the presentation to see more on how we Press for Progress and what these inspiring speakers had to say on International Women's Day 2018.