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Award winning, ready-to-use and customisable financial management technologies for businesses and their customers


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The Moneyhub Suite

We make ready-to-use and customisable financial management products for businesses. Give your customers the best financial care and advice through our unique software. Provide clarity of their financial history, current situation and future possibilities, and make your business indispensable.


The award winning money management app that aggregates all of your customers' financial data in one place

A digital customer engagement solution for large accountancy firms and IFAs that reduces paper work and increases digital capabilities

A data analysis service providing insight into your users' motivations, enabling you to strengthen your business services


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What the experts say

There are plenty of apps that allow users to monitor their spending and manage their money, but Moneyhub has a few additional tricks and remarkably clear design. Moneyhub has certified bank-level security, so users don’t have to worry about leaving themselves at risk
— Felicity Hannah, Finance Journalist
Moneyhub will not only give a breakdown of where your money is being spent, such as on gas bills or travel, but will also give the detail: the total you spend at the Dog & Duck, say, versus the amount spent in Mothercare.
— Andrew Oxlade, Finance Journalist
If you look at your bank account each month and wonder just where all your cash went, then this could be the app for you. It allows users to plan a budget and track where their money is spent, along with tools for taxes, pensions and mortgages.
— abhijeet ahluwalia, Finance Journalist

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