Drive digital engagement and customer loyalty

through intelligent personal analytics and financial management solutions


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Engage with consumers

Create more meaningful interactions by harnessing powerful insights to personalise engagements for individual consumers.


Upgrade customer value

Use Artificial Intelligence to surface the right products to the right consumers – the moment they need them.


Improve financial wellbeing

Increase customer loyalty by offering valuable services that help consumers save money and improve their financial wellbeing.

Case Studies

 Lloyds Banking Group

As Open Banking and the new Payment Service Directive (PSD2) regulations are set to drive a fundamental shift in financial services, new opportunities are opening up to engage and collaborate with partners in an ‘API enabled Ecosystem’, or Open... 

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In a world where competition is high, Moneyhub technology sets Momentum apart from the crowd and creates multiple opportunities to create conversations to enhance sales and retention take up rates and powerful media headlines...


Moneyhub in the news

    Moneyhub in the news

PSD2: Keep your finger on the PSD-Pulse

On 13 January 2018 new legislation completely transformed banking as we know it. A momentous milestone in the finance industry, PSD2 has already started to make its mark in history as a industry-changing piece of legislation. We're here to keep you updated on the latest news about PSD2, Open Banking and the finance industry and what it all means for everyone involved, from banks and enterprises, to financial services, to the end consumer.