Platform overview

Financial solutions are a core business pillar across many industries and sectors. The focus on financial technology, management and wellbeing continues to grow and evolve.

The Moneyhub platform is sector and industry neutral, and is as valuable to an employee benefits company as it is to a bank looking for innovative ways to engage their customers with their finances.

Regardless of industry, our platform turns transactional buyers into loyal and engaged customers, and helps identify growth opportunities through data-led customer insight.

The Moneyhub platform is mutually beneficial to both customers and businesses:

  • It empowers customers to see all their finances in one place, get relevant insights from that data, plan for their futures and promote financial wellbeing

  • Enables businesses to interact with those insights and data to support customers with targeted products that suit their unique financial product requirements

  • Can be incorporated into legacy systems and can be easily onboarded

  • Provides sharing capabilities between customers and providers

  • Available off the shelf and ready to be switched on, or can be developed collaboratively into a bespoke solution

We also offer APIs that can be incorporated into your systems.


APIs overview

Pick from our selection of APIs that can integrate with your existing technology

Our technology is award winning and customer focused. We strive to create APIs that can fit seamlessly into your software so that you can give more to your customers. Choose from  APIs such as account aggregation services that will allow your customers to bring all their finances into one place, and be able to share it with whomever they like through two-way data sharing. This can allow you to gather big data on your customers that are invaluable to marketing and advertising strategies. Or maybe choose our AI proactive assistance API, that sends automatic nudges to customers based on their finances, from where they should spend their money to offering better insurance options just by seeing how much they're currently spending on insurance. We can offer our APIs as plug-in and go, or make a bespoke option suited to your needs.

 Find out more about our APIs

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Account aggregation

Increase meaningful interactions and upselling opportunities by promoting holistic engagement with your customer’s financial world

  • Customers can see all of their financial products in one place by connecting bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, investments and pensions. Moneyhub automatically aggregates all of these accounts with other assets and liabilities to provide a complete view of their financial universe
  • Creating one single location where a customer can view all of their finances makes Moneyhub the ‘go-to’ app for all things relating to their money. This negates the need for using additional banking apps and raises the profile of longer term financial concerns
  • Moneyhub is an Account Information Services Provider (AISP), regulated by the FCA. You can use us to take advantage of Open Banking and all that is involved with it, meaning the customer account connection process is quick and easy, with little resistance or concerns raised by the customer.

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Machine-learning categorisation engine

Automatically and intelligently categorise transactions, to get a consistent and up to date spending and income analysis

  • Moneyhub’s categorisation engine categorises financial transactions in a way that is unique to the financial industry, that can also be tailored to your needs
  • Customers can expedite their daily financial admin process, with quick and easy ‘check-offs’ of transactions that are automatically categorised, allowing for immediate spending and income analysis
  • With a sliding scale accuracy, from 85% growing to 95% with use, you and your customers can see exactly how much and where money is being spent, whether it’s eating out, subscriptions or insurance, allowing you to better tailor future products and services


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AI proactive assistance

Give relevant and timely insights using Moneyhub’s AI driven proactive assistant; promoting money saving, product discovery and engagement with entire financial world

  • Enterprise-specific nudges and updates can be configured to align with your proposition. Nudges can proactively prompt users with relevant advice to save or micro-invest any of their extra money
  • Help your customers avoid unnecessary bank charges with advanced balance prediction. Give notifications when Moneyhub foresees the customer will exceed their overdraft limit and recommend taking action

  • Automatically track key variables such as the period and value of recurring premiums, house prices and account balances to cross-sell with timely promotions and competitive alternative products

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Smart budgeting

Facilitate active financial control with smart budgeting tools and detailed spending analysis

  • Highlight behavioural patterns with in-depth and detailed spending analysis
  • Smart budgeting tool presets income and expenditure based on an individual’s spending and earning patterns. Adjust preset figures to calculate how changes to income and expenditure will affect cash flow
  • Set budgets for spending categories and track these using the AI proactive assistant and spending goals analysis

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Secure data sharing

Extend your engagement strategy to offer customers the ability to share their financial information with others

  • Moneyhub allows customers to share selected financial information with financial institutions to facilitate faster fact finding and enabling more informed, relevant financial advice and services
  • Customers have full control over who can see their information and what information is shared
  • Gain invaluable insight into the customer’s full wallet and identify upsell or cross-selling opportunities

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Enterprise ready architecture

Fast, flexible, scalable, secure and robust deployments with Moneyhub’s API based infrastructure

  • Fully white-label the app with company branding

  • Modular design of Moneyhub platform enables enterprises to easily ‘plug and play’ individual components into their existing proposition with our external APIs:

    • Accounts and transactions

    • Transaction categorisation

    • Spending analysis

    • Forecast

    • Spending goals

    • Insights driven by AI proactive assistant

  • Modern bank level security, including:

    • Multiple perimeter security with OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect standards

    • ISO27001 accreditation

    • All services provided over TLS only, using modern ciphers


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