Let your customers see their entire financial world in one place with an award winning app  

Your customers can:

  • Aggregate all their financial accounts
  • Understand their spending behaviour and set relevant goals
  • See daily categorised transactions using Moneyhub's proprietary algorithms
  • Improve their financial wellness by taking the stress out of money management 

You can:

  • Give your customers an engaging digital solution that helps them take control of their finances, using machine learning
  • Nudge customers with quizzes, product offerings and hints

Extend your engagement strategy to offer customers the ability to share their financial information with others

Product screenshot adviser view

Your customers can:

  • Easily share their data with you, your service providers or families and friends
  • Achieve instant paperless interaction with advisers, cutting out endless paperwork exchanges 
  • Gain the support they need to improve their financial wellbeing

You can:

  • Access a true customer view across the user's complete financial world
  • Understand your customer’s financial drivers and motivations 
  • Offer a proactive service to help customers achieve their financial goals
  • Strengthen brand loyalty
  • Create long-term customer relationships built on trust

Analyse financial behaviour and target segments effectively through our data aggregation

Big data example screen


Your customers can:

  • Benefit from receiving targeted content that is relevant and timely
  • Eliminate the 'noise' of inappropriate content
  • Take advantage of Moneyhub's proprietary machine learning to support their financial goals

You can:

  • Identify product gaps and opportunities
  • Monetise customer financial behavioural trends
  • Help customers to switch to your brand
  • Stimulate customer financial wellbeing through smart AI
API Services

API Services

Pick from a selection of APIs that can integrate with your existing technology

  • Transaction categorisation
    Categorises user’s financial transactions
  • Spending and income analysis
    Allows month on month analysis of cashflow
  • Forecast API
    Allow your customers to be prepared and plan ahead
  • Authentication API
    Moneyhub can operate as a secure identity provider using the OpenID Connect standard. Using Moneyhub's strong secure identity system can accelerate your time to market and is a reliable platform to build on. Alternatively we can integrate to existing identity systems via the OIDC or SAML2 standards. 

Security underpins everything we do

At Moneyhub Enterprise, we take data protection and legal compliance very seriously and adhere to rigorous industry standards for the transmission of sensitive financial and personal data. 

We’re based in Bristol and support and maintain the information security management system. This system is ISO 27001 compliant and we use the following controls and processes to ensure compliance.