Moneyhub integrates with Monzo to deliver holistic financial overview for users

Moneyhub has integrated with Monzo’s API, enabling Moneyhub to offer users of the digital bank an holistic overview of all their financial assets through Moneyhub’s platform.

Monzo’s half a million users will now have access to Moneyhub’s proprietary categorisation engine and Smart Nudges, enabling them to make well informed monetary decisions and fulfil their financial wellbeing potential.

The technology developed by Moneyhub features more than 250 data links, the largest of any aggregation provider in the UK. Users can link up current and savings accounts alongside any credit cards, pensions, loans, mortgages, SIPPs, ISAs or investments. With an all-inclusive overview of their finances, Monzo customers will now be able to manage their money even more efficiently and effortlessly than they can today.

Hyper personalised nudges will also be surfaced, for example a Loan to Value ratio nudge to alert when deals not previously available can be considered, or a Micro Saving nudge when money has been identified from regular spending which could easily be put to better use all of which makes money work harder and last longer.

Moneyhub sits at the forefront of the Open Banking revolution. AISP authorised, Moneyhub works with banks, investment managers, pension providers and employee benefit consultants to provide cutting edge financial management white labelled solutions and APIs for their clients. Moneyhub is poised to work with all the nine CMA banks when they go live, and is currently integrating with the six who are ready so that all of their customers will be able to access benefit from more secure, accurate and timely financial data through the Moneyhub platform.

Samantha Seaton, CEO of Moneyhub, commented: “Our vision is to empower the consumer via our Enterprise partners and clients who understand a truly customer centric proposition needs to be personal. Open Banking has moved us one step closer to this and brings significant benefits to both businesses and consumers. Connecting with Monzo, a challenger bank already at the forefront of putting consumers in control of their finances, is exciting for us and for Monzo customers who can enjoy being in control of their financial situation in its entirety”.

Tom Blomfield, CEO of Monzo, commented: “Our goal is to give people more choice and more control over the way they manage their money, and everything it touches. By making an API available, companies like Moneyhub can integrate with Monzo and offer customers safe, secure access to services that help give them that control.”

Moneyhub has been working closely with the Open Banking Implementation Entity to define the standard for UK Banking APIs. In addition, the Fintech provider was one of the few non-banking participants of the Open Banking technical workgroups, set up to deliver a framework for the design and development of the initiative.  It also played a key role in the European Parliament’s PSD2 workshops which focused on delivering innovative payment solutions for European citizens.