Delight your customers and let them engage with their finances through addictive technology

Moneyhub Charm is the perfect app to strengthen and build greater relationships with your customers. It enables them to connect their financial accounts and aggregate them in one place. You can embed your existing proposition or rapidly target new opportunities by using our technology. Whatever your business needs are, the app enables you to create your own customer-centric money management tool based on an established and continuously improving platform.

Charm your customers

William Torres

A multi-device app which will aggregate their finances in real time and in one place

Sara Kaufmann

Artificial intelligence technology to identify cash flow trends

Margaret Sharma

Help them to budget properly

Louis Campbell

Bank level security providing complete peace of mind for you and your customers

Financial clarity for your customers, cost effective and meaningful engagement for you

This is user-centric financial engagement technology.  It provides greater understanding of your customers' behavioural motives and drives efficiencies into the sales process. Ultimately, it delivers deeper penetration and understanding of your customer markets.

Our technology transforms transactional interactions to create more emotive relationships with your customers.

Engage with your customers digitally

William Torres

Work together in real time and demonstrate stand out value

Cross platform technology provides the ultimate customer centric experience

Sara Kaufmann

Increase customer touch points and engage with a remarkable digital solution

Margaret Sharma

Empower customers with real time financial insights, providing real life value

What this means for your business

Carlos Green

Complete work quicker by saving time through data sharing

qBonnie Edwards

Identify what products your customers don't have and advise them on options

Louis Campbell

Do more of what customers value and boost your revenue

Let new customers find you through our highly engaged marketplace


Gain invaluable insight into your users and become a better partner

Moneyhub Compare helps you to understand your employees and customers' motivations and how they interact with their finances. This enables you to improve your communication and tailor your services to suit their ongoing and changing needs. 

Understand your users on a whole new level


William Torres

Receive dashboard reporting of user trends 

Bonnie Eckart

Apply this insight to your communications strategy and benefits package

Sara Kaufmann

 Strengthen retention levels and drive advocacy

For 12 years, Forrester has shown that customer advocacy – the perception on the part of the customers that a firm does what’s best for them, not just what’s best for the firm’s own bottom line – is the key driver of loyalty and future purchase intent...
— Forrester research, January 2016