Sam Seaton

Samantha Seaton  Chief Executive Officer

Sam has led many successful organisations and teams specialising in technical businesses within the financial services industry.

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Dave Tonge

Dave Tonge  Chief Technology Officer

Dave is a member of OpenID Foundation, working on open standards for financial APIs and is the technical representative for the Financial Data and Technology Association (FDATA).  He also represents FDATA within the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) PSD2 Stakeholder Group as well as working with the Open Banking Implementation Entity to define the standard for UK Banking APIs. At Moneyhub Enterprise, Dave leads the team of Software Engineers, QA Engineers, UX Architects and Systems Administrators to deliver the best personal finance management solutions on mobile devices and across the web, for businesses to share with their customers. 

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Dan Scholey

Dan Scholey  Chief Product Officer

Dan is responsible for the product cycle and delivering effortless technology solutions. He thrives on creating products that encourage positive behavioural change and engages the individual.

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Jon Hart

Jon Hart  Head of Key Accounts

Jon offers technical and detailed product advice and is involved in the implementation and roll-out of the Moneyhub solution. Jon shows great tenacity and attention to detail in developing client relationships.

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