11 FS

17 May 2017

If you liked it, then you should've put a blockchain on it

Our CTO, Dave Tonge talks about APIs vs. screen scraping, and the latest in open banking on 11FS'  "FinTech Insiders" podcast. 

Banking Technology

1 May 2017

Fintech outside London

Banking Technology looks at UK banking firms working outside of the London "bubble", examining where they are based...

Bristol 247

1 May 2017

Sector spotlight: Fintech

Fintech – financial technology – is a new and fast-growing field. The term has come to represent the raft of apps and software...

Credit Union Magazine

12 Apr 2017

ChatBots: The delicate balance between Hal and ‘hello!’

One of the most promising and closely followed areas of fintech in recent months has been the application of artificial...

Banking Technology

1 Apr 2017

Fintech without the big smoke

There is no smoke without the fire. The "big smoke", as London is colloquially known, has been creating a fire of innovation in the...

Disruptive Tech TV

6 Mar 2017

Disruptive Pitch: Episode 5

The next round of disruptive pitchers face our judges for a chance to make the perfect pitch.

Fintech Finance

27 Feb 2017

FinovateEurope: Dave Tonge, Moneyhub Enterprise

Dave Tonge from Moneyhub Enterprise speaks to us at FinovateEurope.


24 Feb 2017

Moneyhub Enterprise – Presenter Profile

Moneyhub Enterprise creates ready-to-use and customisable customer-centric, financial management technologies for...

Money Marketing

20 Feb 2017

Ian McKenna: Three firms changing the future of advice

For over a decade, the go-to show to understand the latest thinking in financial technology has been Finovate. Last week...

BIG Fintech Media

17 Feb 2017

FinTech Innovation with a Posh Accent

I’m here at FinovateEurope with Dave Tonge from Moneyhub Enterprise who gave a really good presentation, and I...

Mapa Research

16 Feb 2017

Highlights from Finovate Europe Day Two (Or, ‘PSD2 is coming, ready or not’)

Host Greg Palmer took the chance in the introduction to talk about the incremental changes that we may not have noticed

Digital Wealth Insights Launches

14 Feb 2017

A baptism of fire - Digital Wealth Insights launches

"I've got this" - my final thought before I walked out my front door and faced the day we launched http://www.digitalweal...


14 Feb 2017

FinovateEurope 2017: Moneyhub

Moneyhub Enterprise is a white-label personal financial management platform that provides an overview of users'...


16 Jan 2017

Open Banking: A Consumer perspective

Open Banking has the power to revolutionise the way we manage our money, shop around and buy things. For SMEs...


12 Jan 2017

FinovateEurope Sneak Peek: Moneyhub Enterprise

Moneyhub Enterprise creates ready-to-use and customisable customer-centric, financial management technologies for...

Burges Salmon

15 Dec 2016

PSD2 – The great unbundling of the banking system

In this guest article, Moneyhub Enterprise's CTO Dave Tonge gets us up-to-speed on PSD2 implementation, its challenges....


20 Oct 2016

It's Banking...But not as we know it

The banking industry will soon open its floodgates to the most significant shake up our generation has seen. Our panel of...


22 Sep 2016

Data Visualisation: Best Practice Tips for Improving Personal Finance

Data visualisation is a discipline that uses graphs and charts to easily communicate large chunks of data into easily digestible...