Frictionless finance

Gain insight

Gain insight
Consolidate your customers' assets and understand their financial habits

Increase savings

Increase revenue
Send personalised nudges to promote relevant products and services

Build loyalty

Build loyalty
Save your customers time and money with personal financial analytics


AISP approved

Moneyhub is authorised as an Account Information Service Provider ("AISP") and Payment Initiation Service Provider ("PISP") by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK (Reference number: 809360).


    Case Studies

    Lloyds Banking Group

    As Open Banking and the new Payment Service Directive (PSD2) regulations are set to drive a fundamental shift in financial services, new opportunities are opening up to engage and collaborate with partners in an ‘API enabled Ecosystem’, or Open... 

    Momentum logo

    In a world where competition is high, Moneyhub technology sets Momentum apart from the crowd and creates multiple opportunities to create conversations to enhance sales and retention take up rates and powerful media headlines...


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