“Insurers can use digital tools to develop a clear view of which customer interactions can be re-imagined through digital”.

The Making of a Digital Insurer, McKinsey & Company, 2016


Drive active consumer engagement

Convert transactional buyers to regularly engaged customers with Moneyhub. Give consumers the ability to view their insurance coverage alongside their investments and finances, all in one place.  

Improved connectivity with consumers via Moneyhub, can provide an enhanced user experience. Policyholders can aggregate all their products and can be gently reminded to renew or learn about more suitable products via in app “Nudges”. Putting your business at the heart of your customer’s financial world. This in turn drives customer advocacy as the ‘go to place’ for their financial needs.

Branded digital tools improve the consumer experience at every step in the decision journey.  With Moneyhub, users can see all of their finances in one place with simple and easy onboarding. From bank accounts, insurance policies, mortgages to pensions, customers can see what, if any action, they need to take to ensure their finances and policies are appropriate and up to date.

This boosts customer satisfaction particularly when the branded app acts as a financial assistant in their pocket.Analytics surfaced using Moneyhub’s artificial intelligence engine in real time provides actionable insights.

Customer data from Moneyhub, combined with existing in-house and external sources can provide exceptional insight for sales, marketing, product and underwriting teams. Moneyhub’s analytical output enriches an individual’s risk profile. Digitising the end to end customer engagement journey can deliver significant wins and higher customer satisfaction.

Providing your customers with access to Moneyhub means that you can revamp many processes without making changes to your underlying technology infrastructure. This means significantly shorter time frames for huge customer facing enhancements.