An award winning app – the perfect tool for financial advisers and wealth managers

Secure, real-time and two-way sharing

For the first time, consumers can see all of their financial accounts aggregated in one place and securely share this with their advisers at the click of a button. Advisers in turn, link their managed pensions and investments to provide consumers with a holistic, 360 degree, financial view.

Simple account onboarding allows both the user and financial adviser to immediately understand personal spending and saving behaviours. Moneyhub provides automated daily updates and intelligently categorises income and expenditure. This extra layer of user intelligence, combined with existing customer information will strengthen engagement and identify specific financial needs.

Customer sharing options


Adviser view of information shared by customer

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Faster and more accurate fact finding

Moneyhub facilitates faster and more accurate fact finding for advisers through a secure connection to customers' financial information. Advisers can now see an up-to-date view of the consumer’s entire portfolio alongside an income and expenditure analysis and cash flow. This allows them to spend more time with their customers, making informed decisions based on factual information.

Automated daily categorised transactions built using Moneyhub's proprietary algorithms mean users and their financial adviser will always see the overall current financial position. This accelerates the financial intelligence of everyday and long term money management and supports the customer's financial wellbeing.

Adviser's detailed view of customer's finances

Sending nudges to your clients at the touch of a button

Wealth management businesses can provide customers with an engaging digital solution that helps them take control of their finances, using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Data surfaced from users' financial behaviour provides advisers with crucial insight to customer needs. Moneyhub becomes the ideal proactive aide to nudge customers, segmented based on demographic or financial information, with relevant financial services and helpful investment recommendations based on unique insight to grow your business.

Adviser nudge screen