Enable employees to fully understand their finances, and create a more focused and productive workforce.

By giving your clients the Moneyhub app as part of a rewards package solution, you are offering them a digital platform to support their employee wellbeing strategy. The Moneyhub solution brings life to employee benefit reward packages through visibility of all employee benefits on their smartphones and other devices. We have created the ultimate tool for employers and Employee Benefit Consultancies to connect with employees. Encouraging engagement with workplace pensions and other benefits as well as helping to improve the employees’ financial wellbeing. Data collated from the app delivers unique insights into employee behaviour and shapes reward package strategy.

Financial wellbeing

‘Financial Wellbeing’ is a core focus within organisations who want  to support the physical and mental health of their employees. A survey by YouGov revealed that financial wellbeing not only affects individual workers but it also impacts business performance.      


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“More staff than ever before are interested in obtaining access to advice and guidance from their employers about financial issues”.



Why Moneyhub?

Moneyhub enables the user to see all their finances in one place and alerts them of key information such as when they’re near to dipping into their overdraft. By taking control of their finances the app provides a feeling of calm, helping to reduce financial stress.

The technology also enables organisations to send company-wide “in app” messages to support financial wellbeing strategies.  

See how these positive financial nudges can act as a personal financial assistant allowing the employee to take action and reduce financial worries.

Moneyhub is the app that drives productivity and helps reduce absenteeism.


Support your employees’ financial wellbeing with an award winning app

Employees can:

  • See all their financial accounts in one place
  • Understand their spending behaviour using market leading categorisation engine and  set relevant goals
  • See how their reward package affects their long and short term finances
  • Improve their financial wellness by taking the stress out of money management
  • Have more spare time and do the things they want to do

You can:

  • Give employees an engaging digital solution that helps them take control of their finances
  • Use machine learning to deliver unique insights on their financial behaviours
  • Brief us to adapt the app to suit your requirements because it's a fully white labelled solution
  • Nudge employees with tips on financial management and surface valuable information about their pensions and other benefits
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