Data and Insights API

We provide a secure, standards-compliant connection API that allows you to connect to all major UK financial institutions. We aggregate current accounts, credit cards, savings, loans, pensions and investments and more. Data is retrieved via API and screen scraping. You can choose which providers to make available to your users. We take away the pain of connecting to multiple disparate data sources – normalising the data and enriching it via our machine-learning algorithms.


Get connected


Open Banking

We are fully connected to the CMA9 using our AISP status.



We follow the latest OpenID FAPI specs to ensure our API is highly secure. We are also ISO27001 certified and follow secure engineering principles.


Categorisation & Insights

Transactions are automatically categorised and powerful insights produced based on our machine-learning algorithms.


We connect via API or legacy connection methods to a large number of financial providers.



Powerful self-service portal for you to manage your users and their connections.


Standards based

Take the pain out of connecting to multiple providers smoothing the connection process into a single standards-compliant interface.