When did you last complete your #LifeUpdates? - Guest blog


How long is your current to-do list? For those of us with busy lives there always seems to be a growing list of ‘life admin’ to complete. We are all guilty of procrastinating and putting things off, even if they are not particularly difficult or time-consuming, and installing the latest software and app updates is a classic.

We think it’s time we flipped our attitude to these #LifeUpdates. We have all felt that great sense of achievement when we complete a task promptly. The relief of ‘ticking’ a job off and reaping the benefits allows us to gives ourselves a pat on the back. What’s more, if we tick off simple tasks we can potentially save ourselves a lot of stress, time – and potentially money.

Installing the latest software and app updates helps protect your devices from viruses and hackers as they contain vital security updates. The Cyber Aware #LifeUpdates campaign highlights those ‘to dos’ like changing service providers, using price comparison sites or adopting useful cost cutting techniques, which only take a few minutes but could have a lasting impact.

When we need a little motivation to complete these day to day tasks, it’s worth considering what would happen if we just didn’t bother!  If we forget to use a price comparison website when changing service providers, or forget to cancel that subscription we no longer need - it’s likely we will end up out of pocket. When we don’t install the latest software and app updates, we are increasing the risk of becoming the victim of a virus or a hack. Every new update fixes weaknesses in the software that hackers could use to attack our devices and steal our identity; - this all brings a potential financial cost and impact on our wellbeing.

Installing the latest software and app updates are important #LifeUpdates that should never be put off. We want people to know it doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. You can install new updates at night when you are asleep and your device is plugged into a power socket. You can also set devices to automatically install the latest software and app updates when available.

So next time you receive a notification with a new software or app update available – remember to install it as soon as possible. Below are five simple Cyber Aware #LifeUpdates to help you stay secure online:  

For more advice on simple ways to be more secure online, visit the Cyber Aware website.

Written by - Cyber Aware